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Cutting edge technology in Riyadh' new metro station

Digitized manufacturing processes take off the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry

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Premia Properties REIC inks lease agreement with PEPCO new store

The retail store will be located at 76, Lavriou Avenue in Paiana, Attica.

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The big tourist project in Argolis close to maturity

The hotel thatwas designed by Mold Architects is in phase of licensing.

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Greek government unveils a pipeline of 34 wastewater management projects

The projects are funded by the Recovery and Resilience Fund.

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 MYTILINEOS 2022 financial presentation to be hosted in METAVERSE

It becomes the first company to use this tool to make such a presentation

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Azora buys a 24,865sqm logistics platform in Barcelona from Meridia

The asset is located in a strategic location.

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Signs of decreasing investments in European real estate

Cautious manipulations and defensive strategies

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Intrakat launches a pilot project in Athens Metro line 2

The project refers to mobile signal coverage and internet access inside tunnels and stations.

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The tender for the utilization of the Volos Port was extended

The tender refers to the majority of the company's share capital, that amounts to at least 67%.