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Prodea's fair value of AUM amounted to €2,717.3M in 2023

Group turnover for the financial year 2022 amounted to €168.9 million.

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Greek listed real estate sector total value at US$4.73 billion

EPRA's “Global Real EstateTotal Markets Table” report for March 2024.

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Ideal Holdings sold its subsidiary Astir Vitogiannis to Guala Closures

Astir directly owns 74.99% of Coleus Packaging (pty) Limited (“Coleus”).

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Ellaktor filled offer to acquire 38.79% stake in REDS

The terms of the above contracts are standard contract terms, and their conclusion is fair and beneficial to the Company.

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Vastned dinvests from the Rokin Plaza in Amsterdam

Consideration for the sale of the asset by Vastned is the relative size of the asset compared to the portfolio of Vastned.

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There was delivered one of the largest logistic centers based in Poland

Throughout the 13,000sqm office area, access to daylight has been increased, and a specialist was consulted to create the appropriate acoustics.

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Important step forwards for the extended irrigation project in Nigrita Serres

The project has a budget of €6.053 million and has a duration of implementation of 12 months from the signing of the contract.