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Airbnb to partner with major landlords

The platform will help tenants host their rentals, and help the buildings attract tenants who may want to host.

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Why does the Greek real estate market is so appealing

Residential properties in Greece are not only in demand as holiday homes but also as retirement homes.

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The Greek council of State's ultimatum for the Cocomat's hotel based in Acropolis

The story of the hotel, which has been already delivered for use, dates back in 2012.

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HRADF inks contract for the sale of the property in Nea Irakleitsa, Kavala

The real estate property of Nea Irakleitsa, Kavala, is a seaside adjacent consisting of two land plots with a total surface of 149.733,43 sq.m.

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Marriott International reports a strong third quarter

The company added roughly 14,000 rooms globally.

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Large hotel chains invest in Thessaloniki's tourism potential

Seven five-star hotels, with a total investment reaching millions of euros have been added to the city's potential in recent years, especially after 2017.

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Novum Invest adds 3 new residential towers to a resort on the Romanian coastline

The residents of the future apartments will have special access to the resort and the leisure and entertainment areas.

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TKC steps in the wellness and thermal services market

TKC AE Construction Studies proceeded with the 25-year lease of the Thermal Springs of the Municipality of Western Lesbos in the Polichnitou region.

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Saudi Arabia's Trojena resort

The 2029 Asian Winter Games will be hosted at a 60-square-kilometre skiing and outdoor activity resort.

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Intrakat engages in a new real estate investment based in Mykonos

Apanema Resort is a building complex that spans 1,544 sq.m., on a 2,743 sq.m. land plot and is based in Tagou area Mykonos Town that is considered to be a privileged suburb of the islandic town.