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20.499.973 Optima Bank New Shares in public offering

549.973 New Shares remained undisposed.

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Cepal Hellas and Resolute launch the "Resolute Cepal Greece"

The merger of Kaican – Resolute IKE was completed.

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Increased revenue and profits for Alpha Astika Akinita in first six months of 2023

The real estate market maintains its momentum.

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Lamda Development Group portfolio exceeds €3,2B

Group investment portfolio value on 30.06.2023 reached €3.22bn, reaching a new record high.

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London office vacancies hit 30-year high

Jeffries analysts estimated there had been a 20% contraction in London office usage.

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NBG completes €500M placement of Subordinated Tier II bond

The transaction attracted interest in excess of €1,3 billion.

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Piraeus Financial Holdings declares a €15M Share Buyback Program

During the execution of the Program, the financial and liquidity position of the Company will be considered.

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Epsilon Net finalises deal with Space Hellas

After the transfer, EPSILON NET Group's stake in Epsilon SingularLogic S.A. amounts to 99.97% of its share capital.