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"Reverse mortgage" the new trend in the real estate market

Home equity lending, with a reverse mortgage, is increasingly recognized as an effective solution.

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The ministry submits and amendment in the New Building Regulation

The amendment of the Minister of Environment and Energy was submitted to the Parliament.

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The countries with the most certified "green" buildings

The annual ranking highlights countries and regions outside the United States that are making significant strides in sustainable building design, construction and operation.

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7,2M individuals in Greece hold a total of €772B real estate onwership value

According to the AADE, 991,860 property owners were exempted from paying ENFIA with a zero liquidation bill.

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Joint Ministerial Decision for the "Renovate and Rent" program

The program subsidizes the renovation and repair of 12,500 privately owned vacant properties.

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How FRMs potentially delayed central bank interest rate cuts

Mortgage and real estate markets have undergone several shifts since the global financial crisis and the pandemic.

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Lamda Development sold a 469 sqm landplot in the Ellinikon

The management of the hotel and the branded residences will be assigned to an internationally renowned management company.

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UK House Prices Decline for the First Time in 3Months

Prices remain at levels that many buyers find difficult to finance, especially with the benchmark lending rate at a 16-year high.

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The utilization of public property could solve the housing crisis

The solution to the housing problem is to transform the unused and abandoned State properties with a set of apartments, commented Mr.Stasinos