Urban Redevelopment
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Lamda reports €10.5M fair value gain from the revaluation of The Ellinikon Investment Property

The estimated total revenues from the land plots sales, in Phase A, are estimated at c.€190m.

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Greek church' Schisto Estate in Skaramangas will be soon redeveloped

A cooperation agreement was inked by the competent parties

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Abandoned women's prison and courthouse in Berlin was converted into hotel

The former court, which sits at the entrance on Kantstraße, accommodates the hotel's reception as well as a temporary gallery called Amtsalon.

The bioclimatic regeneration of the Metropolitan Park "Antonis Tritsis"

It is been noted that the specific project is part of the wider project "Environmental, aesthetic and functional upgrading of the "Antonis Tritsis" Metropolitan Park" with a total budget of €3M.

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The Administrative center in Ioannina development project up for auction

The duration of the project was set at 400 days from the signing of the contract.

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The regeneration of the Evangelikon park in Katerini northern Greece

The project is on the final step of the proceeds to begin.