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UK government quits plan to cut tax on high earners

The decision represents a major and humiliating U-turn for new Prime Minister Liz Truss, who was insisting as recently as Sunday she was “absolutely committed” to the cut.

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  News Economy  |  Taxation  |  Greece
No further extention will be allowed for Greek tax return applications

About 6.2 million have been submitted according to the Minister of Finance.

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  News Economy  |  Taxation
Insurance certificates' issuance for RE property transactions turns digital

Granted if specific conditions are applied.

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  Legal Taxation  |  Greece
Greek real estate ownership value soars to €761,38B according to AADE

Owners who live in Attica, despite the fact that their real estate properties values was increased by 24.64% due to the adjustment of fair values, have realised ENFIA decreases of c.8.47%.

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 6 add ons in myDATA's Timologio application

The add ons, which will be effective as of Friday, February 25.

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  Legal Taxation  |  Laws
Two-month extension for real estate transfer transactions with reduced pricing

New announcements from the Ministry of Environment.