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The European investment platform for tech startups SeedBlink steps foot in Greece

“We seek to tap into Greece's burgeoning innovation-driven sectors, an economy that has not only proven its resilience but now offers some very exciting growth opportunities”, stated Andrei Dudoiu, Managing Partner and Co-Founder at SeedBlink.

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Aurea Technologies launches portable wind turbine

Shine generates power in wind speeds from eight to 28mph

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Astypalea is being transformed into the first "Smart and Sustainable Island"

The project is being delpoyed with the Volkswagen's support.

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The world’s first project of its type to achieve the very highest environmental BREEAM

"The Plus" will be emitting 55% lower greenhouse gas emissions than a comparable factory.

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Zeus International were awarded a total of 2 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze awards at the Tourism Awards 2022

Dolce Athens Attica Riviera in Vravrona and Wyndham Grand Athens in Athens City received 2 Gold Awards.

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Knauf inks strategic acquisition deal in Romania

Gecsat reported € 6.6 million revenues in 2020.

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Αmazon Google and DeepMind launch AI institute in Bulgaria

The Institute aims to advance the state of the art of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computing at large through open research.

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Pharmathen unveils plans to develop a new innovation hub in Attika

The investment will leverage Pharmathen's experience in injectable prolonged-release products.