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Canada freezes house property purchases from foreigners

Prices have jumped more than 20%, pushing the average home in Canada to nearly €599,784 - more than nine times the average household income.

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Young couples are facing serious hurdles in purchasing a home

The hurdles weighting on young couples and result in excluding them from real estate market transactions.

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The pandemic crisis has resulted in shifting the property buyers' profile

Prices are keeping their upward trend not only in newly builts but also in older homes.

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Asking rents for residential properties in Athens keep an upward trend relative to regional cities

The average minimum asking rent in Athens is 8.15 euros / sq.m. and the average maximum at 11.4 euros / sq.m.

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FDI in Greece has been consistently directed into real estate during the last four years

This quality result does not only refer to 2021, but also to data for foreign direct investments in Greece during the last 4 years.

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Residential apartment prices increased on average by 9.1%yoy

Broken down by age of property, the annual rate of change in prices of new apartments was 9.8% and of old apartments 8.6%.