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Ellaktor's subsidiary REDS and inks contract for the project in Gournes, Herakion Crete

The property is located on the beachfront and expands 345,567 square meters.

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Domiki Kritis SA undertakes a €10.18M project in VOAK

With the signing of this contract, the pipeline of the comany rises to €49 million.

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New project for redevelopment of public spaces in the Municipality of Chania

By widening sidewalks, replacing and undergrounding the networks and installing new lighting fixtures.

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Crete has the potential to completely shift into clean energy consumption by 2030

Networks in Crete are being upgraded, almost 100 million for high voltage, 50 million for medium and low voltage.

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The estimated delivery date of the new airport in Kastelli

The project is considered to be on track for delivery according to the schedule.

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West Rethymnon Settlements connection study with BOAK is being tendered

With the implementation of the proposed study, the objective according to the Region of Crete is to strengthen the social cohesion of the residents of the area.

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French Alstom express interest in building a suburban rail in Heraklion, Crete

It is about building a complex fixed track network.

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The Ministry of Infrastructure accelerates proceeds for the tender BOAK for the part from Chania to Heraklion

The need to accelerate the beggining of the Project was even more needed due to the fact that the Project was jointly financed by the Recovery and Resilience Fund.

Residential rents in large Greek cities are soaring to new highs

The upward rally in rents, as well as the positive effects on demand, are also due to the needs emerged due to the health crisis.

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  News Deals  |  Economy  |  Infrastructure  |  Crete
Domiki Kritis comfirms that is in talks with potential investors

It is been noted that Dimitris Koutras is reportedly interested in acquiring 20% ​​of the company and this is the main topic for the negotiations underway.