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European e-commerce grew by 13% in 2021

B2C turnover figures for 2021 show that e-commerce continues to grow, despite the lifting of lockdowns and the ability for consumers to visit physical stores again.

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EY: Total pay is employees chief concern amid tighter labor markets and new opportunities

The groups most expecting to leave their jobs identified as being Gen Z or millennials.

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EY: Greece climbs three spots in Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index

Emerging technologies and green fuels will be key to reducing global reliance on gas and increasing energy security.

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What do Athens, Paris and Bogota have in common

The UrbanAge by LSE Cities and the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft

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Moody's has downgraded Chinese property developers in surging pace recently

It’s not clear whether the new record indicates a financial crisis is imminent.

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Why Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt predict strong days ahead for the hotel industry

Nevertheless increasing inflation remains a huge hurdle.

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The World Bank slowdown in the global economy has been magnified

Risk of stagflation, with potentially harmful consequences for middle- and low-income economies

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Greek office prime yields soar in the 1Q2022

Cushman & Wakefield's DNA report