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Office yields in Europe are stabilizing

According to a Danos – An Alliance Member of BNP Paribas Real Estate report, rents in Athens are over €370/sq.m per month for prime locations with yields at 5.75%.

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Greek listed real estate sector total value at US$4.73 billion

EPRA's “Global Real EstateTotal Markets Table” report for March 2024.

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Foreclosure risk challenges the European mortgage borrowers

ECB research shows that more than a quarter of low-income households expect late payments on their mortgages in the coming months.

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The countries with the most certified "green" buildings

The annual ranking highlights countries and regions outside the United States that are making significant strides in sustainable building design, construction and operation.

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An average  increase of 12% was observed in real estate property prices in 2023

A remarkable increase in properties' sale prices was observed by RE/MAX Greece in 2023

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How FRMs potentially delayed central bank interest rate cuts

Mortgage and real estate markets have undergone several shifts since the global financial crisis and the pandemic.

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Hotel transactions sealed during 2023

Total European hotel investment volume for the year finished 19% below 2022 according to the "HVS European Hotel Transaction" report of HVS.

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Inflation in Turkey approached 70%

The average estimate in a poll of analysts by the Bloomberg agency was 69.1%.

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Emerging risk for commercial real estate debt refinancing

ECB's Annual Report on supervisory activities 2023 unveiled that a material share of CRE loans are structured as bullet or balloon loans.