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  Greece  |  Analysis  |  Residential
RE/MAX: Greek home owhership reaches 80%

Meanwhile, 26% of people are seeking larger properties, and one quarter are looking for enhanced amenities and security, which other areas can provide.

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  Projects Retail  |  Greece  |  Analysis  |  Retail
High street retail still the dominat factor of the Greek CRE market

A Cushman & Wakefield Proprius' recently unveiled report.

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Remarkable increase in asking prices for real estate properties based in Piraeus

Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable increase in the asking prices for house rentals in Piraeus.

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  News Economy  |  Office  |  Europe  |  Analysis  |  Office
New headwinds in the commercial real estate industry

The industry has seen a drop in commercial real estate values due to higher interest rates and lower occupancy levels.

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American households up their investments in REITs by 12% in 2023

The most recent increase in Americans with REITs is predominantly fueled by the increase in equity investment since the pandemic, along with an increased share in target date funds.

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Deteriorated challenges for the European real estate sector

Banks heavily invested in real estate are navigating a tightrope between rising rents and disappointing returns.

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An AI-based robot training model may results in complex skilled robots

The training framework, known as Compositional Foundation Models for Hierarchical Planning — HiP for short — can help robots not only make an impact in construction.

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Manhattan apartment prices still close to all time highs

The median price on new leases was $4,150, up 1.3% from January 2023.