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The GEK TERNA Group has reportedly submitted the winning bid for the Northern Road Axis of Crete

The concession period is 35 years, of which up to five (5) years (up to 60 months) is the design-construction period.

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Yoda Plc acquires 5,22% stake in Prodea

The total consideration amounted to €254m.

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The Greek Superfund's plans for the public properties

500 properties were recorded and categorized, and 109 properties were fully valued.

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European millennials are more willing to make bold investments than older generations

According to the latest edition of EY's Global Wealth Research Report, younger investors are more actively responding to and being influenced by external market factors.

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Realterm invests in industrial property located in Italy

The property was constructed in 2023 and has been designed to ensure maximum efficiency in container storage and truck docking.

Project financing secured for the Oinophyta Sanitation Business Park

The Oinophyta Sanitation Business Park is in the early stages of constructing its Liquid Waste Treatment Unit.

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Trastor's new shares listed in the ATHEX

The share capital of the Company amounts to a total of €102,588,769.00 divided into 205,177,538 common, registered, with voting rights, shares with a nominal value of €0.50 each.

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NBG's bond issue was oversubscribed by more than four times

The final yield of the bond issue came in at 4.5%