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LAMPSA issues note with extended details of its liabilities

It is noted that the said comments refer to 2022, which is recorded as the most profitable year in the financial affairs of the Company".

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Kastellorizo Group engages in new €200.000 investment in the center of Athens

€9,500 per month is expensive but it complies with rent levels in that area.

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Operations in two regional services of the Hellenic Land Registry were suspended

Provision were taken due to extreme weather conditions.

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Premia inks deal for 65% stake in Skyline

The total value of the real estate portfolio amounts to €438 million.

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A bicycle track will be developed in the Municipality of Alimos

The cost of the project reaches €3,000,000 and the amount will be covered by the Recovery Fund.

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New project for redevelopment of public spaces in the Municipality of Chania

By widening sidewalks, replacing and undergrounding the networks and installing new lighting fixtures.

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BoG increases interest rates for new loans and deposits

The weighted average interest rate on new loans to households and non-financial corporations increased by 17 basis points to 5.06%.