The Municipality's of Hellinikon-Argyroupoli and P.Faliro argue about the soaring ENFIA rates
The Municipality's of Hellinikon-Argyroupoli and P.Faliro argue about the soaring ENFIA rates

The Municipality's of Hellinikon-Argyroupoli and P.Faliro argue about the soaring ENFIA rates

The increase in property values in some areas in the Southern Suburbs exceeds 80%, while the Municipality of Athens reports an increase of up to 95%.
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The Municipal Council of the city characterizes the ENFIA rates that the citizens of the Municipality of Hellinikon - Argyroupoli are being asked to pay as "exterminating".

According to the Municipality's of Ellinikon and Argyroupoli announcement were not unaffected by the unacceptable increases that were recorded without logic and reflected in the notices of ENFIA last year, causing great disturbance to property owners and residents of our Municipality. This disturbance is reasonable was caused since the general registration shows an increase of around 20% and indeed in some cases - and they are not few - it reaches up to 86%".

According to the Mayor Yiannis Constantatos - who was on the side of the citizens from the first moment - the required data has been gathered, based on which the Municipal Council requests at least a vertical reduction of more than 50% in the zone prices and the objective values of the properties in the area.

"The situation that has developed and our requests are reflected in the proposal - resolution of our Municipal Authority with which we put the knife to the bone and directly call "the Ministry of Finance to immediately revoke the controversial ministerial decision and to immediately enter into force the previous and more rational and at the same time to immediately re-evaluate the zone prices and proceed with a relevant ministerial decision to their immediate, universal and significant reduction, so that they correspond to the conditions of reality and do not lead to the accumulation of debts for the residents of our city with incalculable and dangerous consequences" says the same announcement.

Extreme property tax increases in Palaio Faliro

At the same time, with a post on social media, the Mayor of Palaio Faliro, Yiannis Fostiropoulos, announced the decision of the Municipal Council to request the reduction of the objective values to the levels of 2021. were activated in January 2022 and brought about increases of 15% to 65%. The current unfair regime, unsustainably increases taxation, leads to skyrocketing rents and brutally affects many of our fellow human beings, who are deprived of benefits and aids that they receive out of necessity and not by choice" says Mr. Fosteropoulos and adds that "we hope that our suggestion, through the prescribed procedure, will be heard and the distortions that affect all the citizens and residents of Palaio Faliro will be corrected".

It's been noted that the Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis, has also spoke about the objective values shortly before he "left" in 2022, who characterized the increases in objective values that affect the most vulnerable citizens as unfair. Mr. Bakoyiannis spoke about the unanimous decision of the Athens municipal council to request an adjustment of the objective values that caused exorbitant increases of up to 95% in the city's properties and especially in areas where low-income households live. "Increases that exceed 90% are objectively 100% unfair," the Mayor stressed, adding that on the one hand there is a lack of framework and on the other hand the distortions that affect our most vulnerable fellow citizens must be corrected.