The Aegean Motorway achieves"Net Zero" 2024 onwards
The Aegean Motorway achieves"Net Zero" 2024 onwards

The Aegean Motorway achieves"Net Zero" 2024 onwards

It is already using the European Taxonomy Directive as a guide to follow.
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The Aegean Motorway company aims to achieve energy neutrality by the end of this year, rather than 2050, by laying the groundwork for the remaining energy consumed to come from "green sources".

According to a related announcement, he is leading the developments safely, both in sustainable development, which he places particular emphasis on in 2024, and in road safety, where he has to demonstrate measurable results from the actions of 2023. 

The company is already adapting the initiatives of the European Directive taxonomy as a guide of good practices. The initiatives and actions are both within the company, as well as corporate responsibility actions for the Environment, Infrastructure and Local Societies. These include: 

  • Collaboration with large companies in Thessaly for promoting sustainable practices, sustainable procurement, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, in collaboration with STHEB. 
  • Strengthening the resilience of the infrastructure by reconstructing/strengthening old bridges. 
  • Construction of runoff retention tanks for the protection and management of rainwater before it reaches the final recipient. Four tanks have been completed in Aliakmons, and for 2024, the construction of four more tanks is planned, along with the installation of pollution retention and recording systems on two bridges in the area of Melissochori junction of Agia and in the area of Aegini Pieria.
  • Improvement and operation of biological cleanings in the SEA in the Secure Truck Parking Area in Aerino Magnesia.
  • Replacement of greenery in the areas affected by the fires in summer 2023.
  • Air pollution measurement program with a mobile unit. - Real-time updates of highway conditions through the MyEway app.
  • Rock protection works in Tempi every six months. Study/sponsorship to the Hellenic Mountaineering Association for an on-site inspection of the cliff surrounding the tourist train north of Agia Paraskevi.
  • Sponsorships in schools: Standard pilot application of LED lighting upgrade in schools affected by the lousy weather Daniel in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Education of Thessaly.
  • Sponsoring certified civil protection teams to aid in rescues and emergency response for fires and floods. 
  • Sponsoring the Cycle Tour of Thessaly to promote sustainable mobility and raise awareness about Thessaly. 
  • Studying the restoration of the pedestrian bridge in the Tempo Valley. - Conducting studies on bird fauna and Tempo flora monitoring. 
  • Conducting a flora study along the entire length of the highway to assess the health of existing trees and their sanitation, as well as the fauna passageways perpendicular to the road. 
  • Building a photovoltaic park with a total capacity of 14-15 GWh to store and use energy from renewable sources. 
  • Using Central Energy Management Software to monitor energy and water resource management.
  • Improving waste management and recycling in all facilities. 
  • Providing infrastructure and promoting awareness among staff members about recycling and ecological driving. The Aegean Motorway also places a high priority on road safety and plans to continue providing training on sustainable mobility for school students and staff members in ecological and defensive driving until 2024.