RIGINOS Yachts declares €7.5M in new investments
RIGINOS Yachts declares €7.5M in new investments

RIGINOS Yachts declares €7.5M in new investments

RE+D magazine

RIGINOS Yachts enganges in new investments with the aim of boosting the company's development prospects and at the same time further strengthening its position in Greece and abroad in the yachting and marine tourism industry.

As the company says, the total amount of investments amounts to €7.5 million, with the company receiving the "green light" for the inclusion of its investment plan in the "Entrepreneurship of Small Businesses" support regime from the Ministry of Development. It is noted that the company's investments are also supported by the Recovery and Resilience Fund.

In this context, RIGINOS Yachts is proceeding with the purchase of a privately owned area of 12 acres, with the aim of creating a shipyard, in which luxury superyacht tenders will be built as well as boats for other shipyards. At the same time, the company will create a boat show room of 5,000 m2, as well as an external showroom of 7,000 m2, which will be the largest in Greece and one of the largest in Europe.

George Riginos, CEO of RIGINOS Yachts, said: "This business venture will significantly boost our company's growth outlook and performance, as the demand for services like the ones we offer appears to be stable. At the same time, it is going to create dozens of new jobs."

Placing customers at the center of interest, the company covers a wide range of services and caters to all the needs related to their vessels. Thus, RIGINOS Yachts customers save valuable time to enjoy their summer vacation.

In recent years, as research shows, Greece is in first place in yacht charters worldwide, which is due to factors such as the increase in tourism, the upgrading of marinas and the subsequent attraction of marinas that contribute to the arrival of foreign boats, the increase in the purchases of new boats due to the NSRF etc. RIGINOS Yachts' new investments will capitalize on this positive momentum, strengthening Greece's position in the yachting and marine tourism industry internationally.

It is noted that RIGINOS Yachts has already created a new financing department (Riginos Financing), which deals exclusively with financing the purchase of boats with particularly attractive terms for customers, such as a duration of up to 180 months and favorable interest rates starting from 4.99%.