Ongoing studies for flood protection projects of more than €120 million in Central Macedonia
Ongoing studies for flood protection projects of more than €120 million in Central Macedonia
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Ongoing studies for flood protection projects of more than €120 million in Central Macedonia

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The Region of Central Macedonia engaged in matured studies for projects of more than 120 million euros, which will be included in the current NSRF.

During the 1st special meeting of the Regional Council for the accountability of the regional authority, Yannis Mylopoulos, the head of the faction "Change in the Region of K. Macedonia", asked the Deputy Regional Governor for Infrastructure and Networks of the Central Macedonia Region, Paris Billias, about the flood protection of the Region. 

In response, Paris Billias stated that twelve studies are currently under preparation and will cover all watercourses, particularly the large rivers such as Galliko, Axios, Loudia, Strymona and Aliakmona.Mr. Billias mentioned that the available funds may not be enough and additional resources will be sought. He emphasized that the master plan for the expanded greater Thessaloniki has been established by the relevant ministry and they are working on it. However, a lot of work needs to be done in the institutional framework.

Earlier, Mr. Mylopoulos proposed the creation of a special committee to prioritize problems and identify anti-flooding projects as a priority by summer. The committee will also create a plan for an immediate and urgent change of institutional regime to ensure that anti-flooding can proceed quickly and without delay. The committee will seek resources, promote cross-border cooperation for Axios and Strymons, and consult with the local community.

The regional governor, Apostolos Tzitzikostas, accepted Mr. Mylopoulos' proposal and invited him to participate in the committee. The appointment of representatives from the factions will be requested, and a press conference will be held within the week, in which the planning of the Region and the shortages in resources and personnel will be discussed.

Mr. Tzitzikostas emphasized that anti-flood projects are being carried out in the region, and more than thirty areas have been shielded. However, with the recent climate crisis, these projects are no longer sufficient. He asked the prime minister and the president of ENPE to change the institutional framework, clarify responsibilities, increase resources, allow some procedures to move faster, and increase European funds for the construction of flood protection projects, especially for southern countries.

The District Governor stated that after the press conference, the District will send a comprehensive request to the government to carry out the necessary anti-flooding projects and shield the area once and for all. He also referred to the role of the forest authorities, emphasizing that the region cannot carry out important anti-flooding projects while another body, such as the forest authority, fails to perform its duties properly, resulting in flood phenomena in areas where projects and interventions have been carried out.