HELECTOR inks contracts for three new projects
HELECTOR inks contracts for three new projects

HELECTOR inks contracts for three new projects

With a total value of over 22 million euros
RE+D magazine

With three new project contracts, with a total value of over 22 million euros, 2023 closed for HELECTOR, the waste management and green energy production company, a subsidiary of the ELLAKTOR Group.

The first two contracts concern the design, construction and operation of new units in Chania and the Crete Peninsula, while the third concerns an Option contract for the original one for OEDA DYTIKIS ATTICA.

More specifically, on 13 and 27/12/2023, two contracts were signed concerning the projects "Drying Sludge EEL Chania" (contractor joint venture ELEKTOR S.A. - THALIS E.S. S.A. DRYING SLUDGE EEL CHANION) and "Sludge Treatment Center for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities - Members FODISA of the North Plain" (contractor consortium Union of Economic Bodies with the name "THALIS E.S.S.A. – ELEKTOR S.A.) respectively.

The first facility, in Chania, will have the ability to thermally treat the sludge (sludge) produced mainly by the Sewage Treatment Plant (WTP) of Chania but also by neighboring WTPs, with the aim of reducing the pollutant load of the waste water, so that it softens the effects of their disposition on the environment. This specific treatment (drying) reduces the total volume of sludge produced by approximately 80% and produces a stabilized product, free of pathogenic microorganisms, which can be used either as a fuel in suitable combustion units (cement industry) or as an additive in agriculture, contributing important in the circular economy, green energy and tackling the energy crisis.

The second project concerns the new Sludge Treatment Center that will be built on the site of the existing and operating Landfill of Hersonissos and will be able to receive and process biological sludge from various EELs of the prefecture of Heraklion. This particular system includes solar drying of the sludge to remove moisture, one of the most economical and least energy-intensive drying methods. Afterwards, the dried sludge is transferred to another unit, where a new - for Greek standards - treatment method is applied: sludge gasification. There, thermal treatment will result in fuel synthesis gas (syngas) for the production of electrical and thermal energy and inert ash, minimizing the by-product to be deposited.

Finally, on 29/12/2023, a contract was signed, which is an option of the original one for the project "Study, Construction of Projects for the First Phase of Rehabilitation of the OEDA of Western Attica and Transitional Waste Management" (joint venture ILEKTOR SA - W.A.T.T. SA - A΄ RESTORATION PHASE OEDA OF WEST ATTICA). This new contract concerns the creation of new transitional landfill/landfill sites and accompanying support projects, ensuring additional waste disposal space, thus giving "breathing space" to the wider region of Attica in terms of municipal waste burial.