Biogas facility development project in Ioannina by "Pindos"
Biogas facility development project in Ioannina by "Pindos"

Biogas facility development project in Ioannina by "Pindos"

The investment is estimated at more than €12 million.
RE+D magazine

An agricultural poultry cooperative in Ioannina, "Pindos," plans to construct a biogas facility with an estimated cost of €12 million.

The agro-pastoral cooperative "I Pindos" is planning to construct a 2 MW unit that will produce electricity or biomethane using 100% waste from poultry units. The Director of Research - Development and Factory Operations of the cooperative, Ioannis Patounas, highlighted this plan during the 30th anniversary Agrotica, which ended on 4/2.

The construction of the unit is part of the cooperative's pro-environmental policy and sustainable development efforts. The necessary studies have already been completed, and the licensing stage is expected to be completed by 2024. The technology used for this project is new and modern, and currently only installed in America. The unit will be installed on a privately owned plot of the cooperative, next to their poultry slaughterhouse. 

The project will be financed with equity funds of the Agricultural Poultry Cooperative of Ioannina, bank loans, and other financial tools through development programs. The construction will begin immediately after the necessary approvals and permits are issued, which are expected to be completed within this year. Mr. Patounas estimates that it will take 18 months to complete the construction of the unit. The thermal energy produced from this operation will also be utilized to cover the needs of the factories.