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Greek banking sector NPL performance according to the BoG

Greek banks posted elevated after-tax losses in 2021, amounting to €4.8 billion.

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Mytilineos announced 80% jump in Net Profit after minorities in the 1Q2022

Net profit after taxes and minority interests, rose to €67 million.

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Knauf inks strategic acquisition deal in Romania

Gecsat reported € 6.6 million revenues in 2020.

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An innovative eco-recycling model was adopted for waste management in the Municipality of Skopje

The project is funded by the EU through the IPA program

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How the war in Ukraine has affected the purchasing habits of the Greek consumers

One in 10 is thinking of buying more basic items such as socks, underwear etc. to create a small survival kit.

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Wage growth in the EU is lagging behind inflation

Inflation in the EU27 has been accelerating since last autumn and is gradually detaching from nominal wage growth.