myKtimatologioLive is available for use to interested parties
myKtimatologioLive is available for use to interested parties

myKtimatologioLive is available for use to interested parties

Video calls are also facilitated throught the new platform.
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Physical meeting between Land Registry employees and citizens are now be scheduled online.

The myKtimatologioLive platform has been launched so as citizens and professionals (lawyers, notaries, engineers) to be able to have remote access via video call for general and specialized information related to the procedures and services of their real estate properties that refer to the Land Registry.

In this way, a reduction of physical visits is achieved initially at the central and gradually at the regional offices of the Land Registry, optimization of the utilization of the staff and saving time and costs for the traders.

With the decision of the Minister of Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis and the Deputy Minister of Digital Government Thodoris Libaniou and with the assistance of the Secretary General of Information Systems of Public Administration Demosthenes Anagnostopoulos, the platform has already been created by OAED, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EFKA.

The operation of the platform, which was designed by the General Secretariat for Information Systems of Public Administration, is very simple.

Initially, the interested party enters and confirms his details through the Taxisnet codes. He then selects the day and time he wishes to be served from the list of available appointments. For those who do not have Taxisnet codes, it is possible to make an appointment through another person.

The appointment is selected by the interested party in day and time from the time range of the next 15 days, from the next working day onwards. The interested party will receive two confirmation emails, one day before the appointment and another two hours before that. Finally, there is the possibility of changing the time and day or canceling the appointment. At the beginning of the video call, the identity is checked by the employee by presenting the identification document on the part of the citizen, and then the employee serves the request for which the appointment has been made.

Information can be provided on two levels. At the first level, general information and directions are provided by staff of the body with experience in the field of administrative information.

In case the employee diagnoses the need to forward the request to specialized staff, as in cases where information is requested on issues of legal and / or technical nature, the information is given at a second level through controlled appointments made by the employee, on behalf of the trader, with the correspondingly specialized executive of the institution.

During the period of initial operation, the service is provided by the staff of the Central Services of the Agency "Ktimatologio" for information concerning real estate located throughout the territory.

Also, at a pilot level is provided the information by the staff of the Cadastral Office of Attica in Koropi for information on properties located in the areas of Anthousa, Artemida (Loutsa), Vari, Geraka, Glyka Nera, Kropia, Markopoulo Mesogaia, Nea Maki , Pikermi, Peania, Rafina, Spata, which are under the jurisdiction of this Cadastral Office. The information of the public from the Regional Offices of the Land Registry will be gradually expanded with the addition of new areas, expansion of the platform that is already planned.