HRADF aims to accelerate the pace of privatisations in 2022
HRADF aims to accelerate the pace of privatisations in 2022

HRADF aims to accelerate the pace of privatisations in 2022

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The HRADF is enhancing the tenders for the utilization of the public property comprised in its portfolio, estimating that next year, revenues of € 2.2 billion will enter the public coffers.

According to the managing director of the Fund, Dimitris Politis, and the authorized advisor, Panagiotis Stampoulidis, the inauguration of the first projects shall be in 2022 and will refer to the Attiki Odos, the ports and LARCO.

At the same time, there was an extensive report by the HRADF management - in an informative meeting with journalists - on the objectives of the new year, on how the conditions for the program are formed and the challenge of the new activity of maturation of strategically important projects.

As Mr. Politis characteristically stated, "we are changing our philosophy on how to use public property. We want to create value for everyone. The price is very important and we want big investments for our projects, but at the same time it is equally important that the development proceeds and the tenders are completed. In this way, forces are released, funds are released and the investments that upgrade and develop the assets are implemented ".

According to the head of HRADF, the Fund gives the same attention and emphasis to large projects, as well as to assets that are of local interest and can create a strong "footprint" in the areas where they are located, opening the dialogue with local communities. and other stakeholders. At the same time, the new activity of the HRADF for the maturation of strategically important contracts is being developed, with the Fund acting as an accelerator of the projects assigned to it and financed by the Recovery Fund.

Thus, in the last five months, the asset utilization program has been accelerated and intensified and significant successes have been recorded with the completion of projects such as Elliniko, Egnatia Odos and the property in Gournes, while tenders have been launched for the Pylos marina and the property. of the former EOMMEX in Tavros.

The financial closure of the property in North Afandou in Rhodes will take place on Thursday with the one-time payment of the price of 26.9 million euros plus interest and on Friday morning the share purchase agreement for DEPA Infrastructure will be signed with ELPE and Italgas . An electronic auction (e-Auction) has been planned for December 21 for the development of the coastal property in Nea Iraklitsa, Kavala, for which there are nine interested parties.

According to the HRADF administration, the utilization program focuses for the first quarter of 2022 on the submission of binding bids for the ports of Alexandroupolis, Kavala, Igoumenitsa, at the beginning of the tender for the new concession of Attiki Odos (even in January) in the submission of binding offers for LARCO. In addition, during the year, priority will be given to the development of real estate and thermal springs throughout Greece and to the promotion of the marina network of the Fund (it has 20 marinas under its management) starting with the creation of a mega-yacht marina in Corfu.

For his part, Mr. Stampoulidis referred to the Strategic Contracts Unit (PPF), which has been developed in the Fund to accelerate projects of the Recovery Fund, PPPs, etc., noting that this can be a tool for public administration, in order not to miss funding opportunities.

The 19 projects already assigned to the Unit by the Government Committee on Strategic Contracts include hospitals, sports facilities and parks, "which have to do with the quality of life of the citizens", as stated by the authorized consultant.

It is characteristic that the cleaning of 35 large national parks and the maintenance of OAKA will proceed, while another project is the great maturation for the bicycle-pedestrian street of the Athenian Riviera and the construction of the new Athens Court of First Instance and the Prosecutor's Office.

Regarding Health, the PPF is expected to accelerate the upgrade and renovation works of eight hospitals, followed by projects in 72 Health Centers, with the Primary Health Plan providing for the upgrading of 150 Health Centers in total.