17 November 2017
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Important notice from the Police cybercrime division

11 October 17 |
Police professionals warned the Greek citizens not to answer cellphone calls or text messages (SMSs) with the prefixes 00387 and 00960.

Nissan and JLB Design teams up on the 1st remote controlled auto

11 October 17 |
To bring the GTR/C from concept to reality, UK firm JLB Design Ltd. fitted the car with four robots.

The new supercomputer that uses ..."magic dust"

29 September 17 |
The polariton 'magic dust' is created by beaming a laser on selected atoms of a chemical element, such as gallium, arsenic, indium or aluminum.

Plaisio Computers reports 3,4% drop in sales in 1H2017

28 September 17 |
CEO George Gerardos said he expected results to improve in the second half of the year, which traditionally tends to do better.

35% of the EU's active population had digital competence

22 September 17 |
EU’s new program for university students in 2018 would allow students to acquire practical skills through digital training in other EU countries.

Google Shells Out $1.1 Billion for HTC Phone Unit

21 September 17 |
Google and HTC have agreed that the search giant will acquire part of the Taiwanese gadget maker's phone division.

KPMG inks cooperation agreement with GDPR Greece

19 September 17 |
GDPR founders Emmanuel Sfakianakis and Ioannis Makrypoulias,, are both former police officers in the e-crime squad.

Apple Watch tops Rolex as world's number one brand

13 September 17 |
The Apple Watch now has a 97% customer satisfaction rate.

Google Hellas launches ticket services app

06 September 17 |
The new Google Flights service is available on the platform

China Life Insurance partners Baidu to launch $1b internet fund

25 August 17 | Irene Theofanidou
The partners are responsible for paying 30 percent of their capital contributions initially.
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