19 January 2018
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ITU says Internet penetration skyrockets, Users as well

28 May 15 |
International Telecommunication Union’s data revealed that internet users in 2015 surpassed 3 billion.

What would happen if you search your name on Google maps?

26 May 15 |
...It is noteworthy that there have been some surprising results.

Internet is facing a "capacity crunsh"

20 May 15 |
Internet is almost “full” basically due to the fast growth of online media likes, such as Netflix and Youtube.

Vortex Bladeless: Wind Turbine that generates electricity with no Blades

19 May 15 | Styliani Rouchota
This new wind turbine wobbles elegantly in the wind, generating electricity without rotating blades. “It looks like asparagus,” says David Suriol, one of Vortex Bladeless’s founders.

Skype translates your phone conversations

18 May 15 |
A new Microsoft application allows for real time vocal translations in ongoing Skype calls. Written messages’ translation is available in 40 languages.

Tesla's Battery Grabbed $800 Million in Its First Week

12 May 15 | Irene Theofanidou
Tesla is already building a 5-million-square-foot battery factory. It's not big enough.

Apple Watch app "controls" your BMW

08 May 15 |
BMW i Remote Apple Watch app is a watch-specific version of the smartphone app already available for BMW’s two green "i" models.

This is Sony’s next generation "phablet"

07 May 15 |
Sony’s next generation PROselfie smartphones, featuring a best in class 5MP front camera, a Full HD display and superior performance.

Ancient Greek technology revived

07 May 15 |
The technology can be used to store large amounts of power for weeks at less than the cost of batteries.

Tesla introduces batteries to power houses

04 May 15 |
Aiming to expand its operations beyond vehicles, Tesla said that solar batteries will be initially shipped to US installers by this summer.
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