18 January 2018
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NBG joins Amazon on initiative to boost Greek startups

24 November 15 |
Supporting start-up businesses which have export orientation is one of the keys towards restarting the economy, bank’s CEO said.

EasyJet summons AI to cut costs and improve efficiency

18 November 15 |
Low fare airliner has recently announced that has appointed its first head of data science to help improve fleet reliability

Antikythera Mechanism: undoubtedly the first computer

11 November 15 |
There were no conspiracy theories! Ancient Greeks were rationalists and scientists with the original sense of the term.

Terahertz radiation, a breakthrough in networks technology

17 September 15 | Styliani Rouchota
This technology will probably become a promising tool at scientists hand to create wireless systems 100 times faster than the existing ones.

"The New Raw" alters 3D printing, as we know it

15 September 15 |
The team seeks to inform and raise public awareness on environment issues, especially alternative proposals for recycling plastic.

The biggest IT deal ever closed with European Parliament

23 July 15 |
International joint venture -including Intrasoft International- has won an 196-million-euro framework-contract.

Technological Innovations Stimuli for Real Estate Industry

19 June 15 |
Five of the top technological innovations in real estate.

Electrical Power derived directly from Evaporation

17 June 15 |
Columbia University scientists developed 2 novel devices which are able to derive electricity from water evaporation.

Apple embarrassed by a text bug

01 June 15 |
Apple told the Guardian that it is aware of the bug and will issue a software update to fix it.

ITU says Internet penetration skyrockets, Users as well

28 May 15 |
International Telecommunication Union’s data revealed that internet users in 2015 surpassed 3 billion.
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