25 February 2018
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Nanotechnology experts meet in Thesaloniki

07 July 16 |
Nanotexnology, the largest technology, networking and matchmaking annual event in Europe will be held from July 2 to 9 in northern Greece.

Mytilineos-Protergia products at OTE shops

04 July 16 |
Protergia, announced that its electricity retail supply products will now be available at OTE shops in Greece.

This one is a monumental tech deal

13 June 16 |
The bid price per acquired share that the tech giant offered soars to 49,5% premium on Friday’s close.

The Anonymous attack the Bank of Greece

04 May 16 |
A cyber-attack on the systems of Greece's central bank was dealt with "promptly", a source within the Bank of Greece said on Wednesday.

iPhone factory on Shanghai's outskirts opens its doors

26 April 16 |
This is the realm in which the world’s most profitable smartphones are made, part of Apple Inc.’s closely guarded supply chain.

Nokia just placed €170M bid to take over French Withings

26 April 16 |
The acquisition will be settled in cash, and is expected to be completed by Q3 this year.

Intel to cut 11% of its staff

20 April 16 |
The reduction will involve a combination of voluntary and involuntary departures.

e-commerce giant Alibaba signs $1M take over deal

12 April 16 |
Alibaba has agreed to buy a controlling stake in Southeast Asian online retailer Lazada.

Airbus introduced technology to fight jet lag

07 April 16 |
Stanford University researchers unveiled what they billed as a cure for jet lag, using flashes of light.

NTT Data acquires Dell's IT services

28 March 16 |
The move would enable Dell, which is in the process of acquiring storage vendor EMC Corp. for tens of billions of dollars, to raise cash to help finance that deal.
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