22 November 2017
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Greek authorities declare TV add' taxcuts

10 November 17 |
The amendment concerns advertisements played on television channels.

Taxpayers' arrears to the state increase in September

07 November 17 |
In the nine-month period, collection of both new and old debt was 3.55 billion euros, according to a report.

Tax returns reach €1,6B in September

02 October 17 |
State arrears from tax returns (exceeding 90 days) totaled €2.5 billion on September 1 and fell to €1.25 billion on September 29.

SDOE gains access to examine undeclared and uninsured employment

28 September 17 |
The legislation aims to speed up the state's response to such incidents, making the relevant procedures faster and easier.

Finance ministry breaks through with a tax breaks' lottery

20 September 17 |
Each tax-payer will be issued a number of lottery tickets corresponding to the value of their electronic transactions.

Budget tax revenues in line with target

13 September 17 |
Revenue from direct taxes fell by €653.87 million in this period, while revenue from indirect taxes grew by 551.88 million.

9 civil servants found guilty for misleading wealth statements

28 July 17 |
The IA department carried out 188 targeted audits of wealth statements between April 1, 2016 and July 27, 2017.

Thessaloniki based firm evades more than €2M in taxable income

20 July 17 |
The missing taxes were discovered in an audit of the company's books in the years 2011-2014.

Greek financial police raids against tax evasion

18 July 17 |
In some cases inspectors proposed that businesses be closed down.

Greek state introduces tax break incentives to innovative firms

14 July 17 |
A joint ministerial decision was recently published in the government's gazzette offering another significant institutional tool for the support of innovative enterprises through tax breaks.
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