25 February 2018
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SEV: this is how much should large investments be taxed

24 March 16 |
The state should award productive spending leading to profitability and encouraging emblem investments on technology, SEV suggests.

Income tax ceiling has to be linked to social criteria

24 March 16 |
SEV noted that it would be more useful to hold a discussion on when a tax-exempt was really justified by family situation.

Significant progress observed in income tax reforms

21 March 16 |
The representatives of the institutions will depart from Athens on Sunday.

Tax authorities denies reports on new tax initiatives

18 March 16 |
Alternate Finance Minister, Tryfon Alexiadis reassured that taxpayers will be able to submit their income tax reports for 2015 from next week onward.

Greece obliged to recover €425M granted to farmers

08 March 16 |
The European Court decided that there were no adverse weather conditions in 2008 that could justify extraordinary compensations granted to farmers.

Property taxes weight on revenues' shortfall in 2015

18 February 16 |
Tax revenue fell by 1.38%, or by 610.5 million euros in 2015 a development particularly attributed to a decline in property taxes.

e-Transactions expected to inflate state revenues

11 February 16 |
Lowering dependence in cash was estimated to have directly added 1.4% of GDP in the second half of 2015.

HNWI pays €3,3M fine to Greek authorities on Lagard list

03 February 16 |
The lawyer, who along with his parents had power of attorney for the account comprised in the so called Lagard list insisted he was not the beneficiary

Overdue tax debt to the state stubbornly high at €11,05M

29 January 16 |
The finance ministry acknowledged that the whole picture of overdue debt to the state in 2015 reflected a perennial difficulty in repaying debts.

Corporations are being challenged in EU, Commission to block tax-dodging

28 January 16 |
The commission's goal would require companies to share their country-by-country bills with tax authorities and would set minimum standards for EU nations when designing tax rules.
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