21 February 2018
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Tax free purchases' limit expected to fall soon

04 October 16 |
Minimum transaction limit for tax free purchases will drop from €120 to €50.

€5B drop in Greek state’s arrears to private sector

16 September 16 |
The ministry, in a monthly report, said the government disbursed 1.673 billion euros to repay state arrears by general government agencies.

Tax arrears to the state eases in July

06 September 16 |
In a report, the general secretariat said that the amount of new tax arrears was €7,618 billion so far this year.

ENFIA property tax notifications are now available online

29 August 16 |
Real estate owners can visit for more information.

ENFIA charges will be displayed online on August,29

25 August 16 |
The unified property tax is expected to be paid by 7 million Greek citizens.

How much will Greek taxpayers pay for their properties in 2016

23 August 16 |
Greek taxpayers are to be informed for their property tax charges by the end of August.

One of Greece's wealthiest taxpayers

22 August 16 |
The Standing Holy Synod declares €3,5 million taxes were paid to the Greek state in 2015.

Tax revenues beat expectations in June

05 July 16 |
A report by the General Secretariat for Public Revenue showed that net tax revenue rose 32.9%.

Greece pays off private sector debt mounting at €5,5B

30 June 16 |
Repayment of all overdue debt to the private sector was part of an agreement reached between Greek government and the institutions.

Tax evasion still thrives in Greece

23 June 16 |
According to diaNEOsis during the economic crisis in Greece, wages were cut while the tax burden shifted towards the medium incomes.
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