22 November 2017
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€1.5 mln in taxes into state coffers

07 April 09 |
Just €1.5 mln will go into the state coffers from the first phase of taxation liquidation notes that have been cleared

Changes in E9 property declaration forms

26 March 09 |
Property owners should be extremely careful this year, because the new E9 property taxation form is full of pitfalls.

Tax audits reveal high level of tax evasion

23 March 09 |
After conducting tax audits to enterprises obliged to submit a periodic VAT statement, the Greek ministry of Finance found over 55,000 offenses

Greek government to apply harsher property taxes to battle public dept

23 March 09 |
In an effort to tackle the huge public deficit, the Greek government will reinstate the property taxes abrogated last year, according to information coming from the parliament.

Head tax for incomes over €60,000 (upd)

18 March 09 |
A head tax for high incomes and a halt in public servants salary increases was just announced by the Greek Minister of Finance, Mr. Papathanassiou.

Finance ministry to employ new anti tax evasion system

25 February 09 |
The new Elexis system to be implemented by the ministry of Finance, will allow tax auditors to cross check data on the spot, during their inspection.
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