22 November 2017
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New government to determine property taxation

09 September 09 |
The single property tax known as ETAK is one of the issues for confrontation between the country's two leading parties

New tax measures announced today

25 June 09 |
The Greek government is expected to make today the official announcement concerning the

New tax measures by the end of the month

18 June 09 |
Speaking at the Parliament Committee responsible for executing the state budget, Greek Finance Minister Mr. Yianis Papathanassiou

Finance Ministry to apply stricter taxation on multinational corporations

17 June 09 |
The Greek Finance Ministry is expected to introduce tomorrow a new bill involving major changes in the taxation of multinational

Greek government to raise property taxation

11 June 09 |
The Greek government is considering the implementation of two measures concerning real estate taxation which could

New measures against tax evasion

18 May 09 |
Insufficient funds coming into the state coffers lead the Special Audit Services to hold an unscheduled meeting today, presided by Minister of Economy and Finance,

New taxation measures expected

06 May 09 |
New taxation measures are considered almost certain to be announced in June, since the Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Papathanassiou

New tax measures based on Q1 results

05 May 09 |
The tax measures implemented by the Greek government in order to reduce public deficit will depend

Greek deficit to result in more taxation

22 April 09 |
Eurostat's has offically set Greek public deficit at 5% of the GNP and the IMF estimates public debt at 109% for 2009.

Finance Ministry considers allowing “ghost funds” into building sector

13 April 09 |
In an effort to get the construction sector going again, the Greek Ministry of Economy and Finance is considering allowing the
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