20 November 2017
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Last Call, for express debt settlement scheme submissions

27 March 15 |
Min. Valavani reiterated that today expires the application submission period for overdue debt settlements with the Greek state.

Until June,30 will Greek taxpayers have to fill their tax returns

27 March 15 |
Further clarifications were made available in the relevant circular issued by the General Secretary for Public Revenues.

Tax Revenues flooded in state treasury

24 March 15 |
As soon as the Bill on express settlements for overdue taxes was put into effect state revenues soared, according to Alternate Finance Minister Nadia Valavani.

Want to transfer your residence for tax purposes. Find out how

20 March 15 |
An order issued by General Secretary for Public Revenues Ms Savvaidou lists the documents needed and the application submission deadlines for current year.

Entrepreneurs should now choose wisely before order supplies

19 March 15 |
Greek Government introduces initial to battle tax evasion by legislating a 26pct tax on supply transactions with PTR countries.

ENFIA hits targets. Government has "space to breathe"

18 March 15 |
Ministry's data revealed that the uniform real estate Ownership tax resulted in €2,6 billion revenues for the Greek state last year.

Taxisnet Extension admitted for businesses

17 March 15 |
General Secretary for Public Revenues confirmed that companies, social insurance funds and state organizations can submit employee income certificates till March,31.

Greece partly repays dues to IMF

06 March 15 |
The state made a €310M installment to partly repay an IMF loan due on March.

More favorable repayment terms offered

04 March 15 |
The new bill will envisage the write off of all fines and charges on overdue tax debt if these debts were to be repaid within March, said Alternate FinMin.

SETE confronts FinMin Varoufakis on VAT increase.

27 February 15 |
A VAT increase would result an average of €1,5B losses in tourism sector and a drop in GDP up to 1,4pct, confederation argues.
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