18 December 2017
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€45M received as of 6th of June

09 June 15 |
Alternate Finance Minister Nadia Valavani said that the greek state has already collected €45M via the favorable repayment terms’ scheme.

A Greek move out of the blue!

05 June 15 |
Greek Government has officially asked IMF to bundle its repayments for the months of June, IMF confirmed the news.

Architects question government's tax deferment scheme

29 May 15 |
The Greek Institute of Architects explained that the repayment plan for debts to public sector has offered nothing to their sector.

Bank deposit?... find out how it will be taxed

27 May 15 |
Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis expressed intention to introduce a tax for undeclared bank deposits.

Car market participants welcome Gov's new tax plan

26 May 15 |
Market officials said a plan to link car taxation to the car's pre-tax retail price, instead to its power under the current system, is a fair measure.

100-instalments scheme gets one month extension

26 May 15 |
The ministry has been recently evaluating the possibility to extend the applications’ period ending today.

Vehicles' taxation in Greece will be radically reformed

25 May 15 |
The Finance ministry said it planned a series of meetings with car market officials to discuss the issue for reaching the best possible result.

Overdue Tax Debt "went" wild in April

25 May 15 |
Finance Ministry attributed the hike to increased participation in programs of favorable debt repayments to the state.

FinMin interested in extending 100-instalments program

22 May 15 |
Solely for the first 18 days that the scheme was effective (17th of April to 4th of May) submissions reached 299.209.

Humanitarian Crisis Programme applications reached 212.897

19 May 15 |
The deadline for applying to join the programme expires on Wednesday,20.
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