22 January 2018
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Greece sets up major financial crime directorate

10 January 18 |
The new agency will be staffed by 135 auditors, housed at the finance ministry and called "Financial Crime Investigation Directorate".

The Ministry improves overdue tax repayment scheme

03 January 18 |
The ministry is extending the repayment period to 12 installments in order to reduce tax arrears owed to the public sector.

Hoteliers are getting rid of the occupancy tax

02 January 18 |
The new regulation amends Article 53 of Law 4389/2016, which went into effect on May 25, 2016.

The finance ministry deploys lottery based tax cuts

22 December 17 |
The first lottery, for October receipts, was held on November 30, with another 1,000 taxpayers winning €1,000 each.

Government approves extraordinary allowance up to 2.100€

20 December 17 |
The allowance will be granted to citizens of islands in 2018 as a readjustment offset for the abolition of lower VAT.

Indebted Greek entrepreneurs favored tax settlement schemes

18 December 17 |
The finance ministry plans to extend favorable debt settlement schemes with up to 120 installments for businesses and the self-employed.

The heavy tax burden poises huge risk for the economy

05 December 17 |
The central banker said that a positive economic trend could improve further because of an expected loosening of capital controls and higher international shipping freight rates.

VAT revenues soar 20%

01 December 17 |
The increased use of plastic cards and ebanking have been critical for tax evasion, Deputy Minister for Public Revenue and Property said.

More than 23.000 Greeks file for public benefit

27 November 17 |
In order to receive the social benefit, beneficiaries should submit an application electronically.

Authorities in Greek islands urges for VAT taxcuts

22 November 17 |
Officials have informed the minister that they plan to ask representatives from all parliamentary parties to submit an amendment in parliament.
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