13 December 2017
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The heavy tax burden poises huge risk for the economy

05 December 17 |
The central banker said that a positive economic trend could improve further because of an expected loosening of capital controls and higher international shipping freight rates.

VAT revenues soar 20%

01 December 17 |
The increased use of plastic cards and ebanking have been critical for tax evasion, Deputy Minister for Public Revenue and Property said.

More than 23.000 Greeks file for public benefit

27 November 17 |
In order to receive the social benefit, beneficiaries should submit an application electronically.

Authorities in Greek islands urges for VAT taxcuts

22 November 17 |
Officials have informed the minister that they plan to ask representatives from all parliamentary parties to submit an amendment in parliament.

Greek authorities declare TV add' taxcuts

10 November 17 |
The amendment concerns advertisements played on television channels.

Taxpayers' arrears to the state increase in September

07 November 17 |
In the nine-month period, collection of both new and old debt was 3.55 billion euros, according to a report.

Tax returns reach €1,6B in September

02 October 17 |
State arrears from tax returns (exceeding 90 days) totaled €2.5 billion on September 1 and fell to €1.25 billion on September 29.

SDOE gains access to examine undeclared and uninsured employment

28 September 17 |
The legislation aims to speed up the state's response to such incidents, making the relevant procedures faster and easier.

Finance ministry breaks through with a tax breaks' lottery

20 September 17 |
Each tax-payer will be issued a number of lottery tickets corresponding to the value of their electronic transactions.

Budget tax revenues in line with target

13 September 17 |
Revenue from direct taxes fell by €653.87 million in this period, while revenue from indirect taxes grew by 551.88 million.
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