23 February 2018
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Feel free to have a hygienic swim in Greece

21 May 15 |
Bathing waters in Greece were nowhere found of “poor quality”, according to the European Commission’s Monitoring Programme of Bathing Water Quality.

Turkish Stream offshore installation to begin in June

20 May 15 |
"We’ve struck a contract with the Saipem company and two ships will begin working," a Gazprom executive said.

Natural Gas Prices fall 12 pct in May

19 May 15 |
Attica Gas Distribution Company expects natural gas prices to fall during the third quarter of 2015 affecting positively the start of this year’s winter season.

Ripasso's most efficient solar electricity system in the world

15 May 15 |
The firm combined military technology with an idea developed by a 19th-century Scottish engineer and clergyman.

€500M form EBRD annually to Greek state

14 May 15 |
The agreement was signed in Tbilisi, Georgia, between Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism Minister George Stathakis and the bank's representatives.

Apple purchases Chinese forest in an effort to "go green"

14 May 15 |
Apple’s recent series of eco-investments aim to reverse its negative performance/perception gap and enhance the company’s environmental initiatives.

Energy Contribution from interconnected GR islands @19pct

14 May 15 |
"Issuance of Power Generation Informative Report for the Interconnected Islands 2015" released.

TAP replies over Greek Construction Companies Discrimination

12 May 15 |
John Attrill, chairman of Trans Adriatic Pipeline, said that the consortium was already taking measures.

Monsato working on another higher bid...

11 May 15 |
Monsanto is still working to reach a deal and maybe will soon decide to increase its bid for peer Syngenta, which initially valued the firm at CHF449 per share.

Wind power plants pre-applications soar in Turkey

08 May 15 |
Turkey's Energy Market Regulatory Authority head explained that pre-applications were 14 times more than the country’s capacity.
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