15 December 2017
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PPC' Florina based power stations to be disposed off

10 October 17 |
PPC said that negotiations with the EU’s DG Comp to agree on a «basket» of units to be sold are 70% complete but a final agreement has not been reached yet.

Plants in public parks more efficient at trapping carbon

06 October 17 |
Using the GreenTree software, city authorities created a digital registry of the trees in three Thessaloniki parks.

2016 was the year that solar power grew faster than any other fuel

04 October 17 |
The IEA expects about 1,000 gigawatts of renewables will be installed in the next five years.

Shell to Seek Sale of Stake in $1.4B Wind Farm

03 October 17 |
Company and partners may cut wind-farm ownership by up to 45%

Plans for natural gas networks investments in Greece

28 September 17 |
More than 2,500 direct and indirect new job positions were expected to be created during construction works.

Greek electricity market is radically changing

25 September 17 |
Public Power Corporation (PPC) has lost its monopoly, as private electricity energy producers have a total capacity of more than 2,500 MW.

TAP announces €1M student grants initiative

22 September 17 |
The investment is implemented in the context of the collaboration between TAP and the Bodossaki Foundation.

Cost of renewables is plunging faster than expected

21 September 17 |
It would soon be more costly to operate existing coal and gas plants than to take power from wind and solar.

ADMIE says net profits hit €32.2M in the 1H2017

19 September 17 |
ADMIE expects after tax earnings to totaled 100 million euros by 2021.

800tons of crude were pumped from the Saronicos Gulf

18 September 17 |
Vessel "AKTAIA" of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) operates in Attica's coastal areas that have been polluted.
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