16 December 2017
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Saudis and Russians agreed to freeze oil output

16 February 16 |
A freeze would not create an immediate U-turn but it creates a better foundation for the price recovery in the second half, market executive said.

Photovoltaic parks cover the majority of Greek energy demand

10 February 16 |
Greece was ranked the second country globally in photovoltaic energy production for the third successive year.

EU 9 member states' energy dependence reaches 53,4%

05 February 16 |
Energy dependence in the EU was greater in 2014 than in 1990, but slightly less than its record high observed in 2008.

No shift in Energean Oil's production, despite the oil prices' plunge

03 February 16 |
The firm will continue its investment program for increasing production at the Prinos field, Energean’ Chief Executive Officer Mathios Rigas said.

PPC to introduce 10% price discounts for commercial clients

02 February 16 |
PPC has already approved a board plan to offer discounts to high-voltage consumers.

2 Chinese giants firms agree to Develop Offshore SMR

27 January 16 |
China General Nuclear Power Corporation and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the offshore nuclear power platform.

Two huge energy projects are in the pipeline

27 January 16 |
In a conference held in the International Hellenic University, Thermi, were discussed the emerging opportunities and challenges in the field of Natural Gas.

Hellenic PPC committed to promote investments in new markets

26 January 16 |
Public Power Corporation’s chairman stressed the challenges that PPC faces in current market conditions.

DEPA saves $46M from Gazprom payables

25 January 16 |
The Greek distributor will pay less given the reduction in natural gas that absorbed within 2014.

Renewable energy just did the unexpected

14 January 16 |
Despite oil, coal and natural gas bargain prices not seen in a decade, renewable energy had one more record breaking year.
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