25 February 2018
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Five Greek large roadworks in the scope!

08 April 15 |
Roadworks in Olympia Odos, E65, Ionia Odos, and the roads of Maliakos-Kleidi and Corinth-Tripolis will be reexamined by the new government while toll fees drop is a necessity, according to Alt.Min. Spirtzis.

Greek-Turkish MOU increases flights between the two countries

02 April 15 |
Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority Governor and Turkish Civil Aviation Deputy Director General signed a Memorandum Of Understanding which increases flights from 31 to 52.

PPA/COSCO Concession not affected by European Commission Decision

24 March 15 |
PPA S.A. underlined that the decision is solely a matter for PCT in relation with the Greek state and the European Commission and PPA-PCT’s amicable settlement is not affected.

EU halts Cosco's competitive advantage in Piraeus port

23 March 15 |
The Greek State was asked by the European Commission to recover subsidies offered to the port’s container terminal-Cosco’s subsidiary- as inconsistent with EU rules.

Piraeus Port sealed a grant deal for cruise industry

19 March 15 |
The agreement was reached during a World Sea Cruise Fair in Miami between Piraeus Port Authority and Carnival Cruise.

Thessaloniki city metro project Imbroglio

17 March 15 |
Attico Metro puts the blame on municipality of Thessaloniki for delays in construction, according to Yiannis Boutaris mayor.

€915M bid seeks the Greek Government on Helliniko

11 March 15 |
Following Greek Court of Audit's decision on the deal, rumors says that Greek Government is determined to ask Lamda Development for a higher bid.

2014, among the safest years in aviation history

10 March 15 |
Despite the fatal accidents observed during 2014, data compiled by IATA suggested that safety performance in aviation improved.

Works in Patra's new port paused by Greek Council of State

09 March 15 |
The Council of State advised that the building works of Patra’s port should be paused until a presidential decree will be issued.

2nd business park to be built in Chania,Crete

09 March 15 |
The project will be co-financed by JESSIKA, Pancretan Cooperative Bank, The Cooperative Bank of Chania and other domestic private players.
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