15 December 2017

Luxury floating villas, partially hidden under water

18 April 17 | RE+D Magazine


Luxury floating villas, partially hidden under water
Kleindienst Group
United Arab Emirates, and especially Dubai, produces incredible market-leading projects known for their advanced concepts and sheer scale.


This year, one of the most ambitious developing enterprises is going to be The Floating Seahorse — luxury floating villas, partially hidden under water.

The Floating Seahorse is a truly unique underwater product which is the first of its kind in the world. In real terms, it’s a marine style retreat (essentially a boat, without propulsion) but it has its own plot in the Arabian Gulf.

But essentially, it’s an underwater villa, and one of the most talked about luxury lifestyle products in the past 12 months. Designed, engineered and built in the UAE, 40 Signature Edition Floating Seahorses are now under production and are currently priced at AED 12 million.

The complex will be home to 42 boats/villas, each with three levels – basically, your very own aquarium. The Floating Seahorse has been designed and developed by leading European architects for Kleindienst Group’s iconic island project, located just 4km from the coast of Dubai.

Each Floating Seahorse will weigh 188 tonnes and feature 25m2 (269 sq ft) of underwater glazing and a coral garden spanning 46m2 (495 sq ft). The underwater level of The Floating Seahorse will be the idyllic environment in which seahorses can live and breed in their natural habitat in The Arabian Gulf.

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