17 January 2018
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OECD: has to enhance its efforts on social safety nets

20 March 17 |
The OECD report said Greece had made some progress in implementing reforms based on its recommendations, such as in tax compliance and the social safety net.

Top exporting industries in Greece

14 March 17 |
The Foreign Affairs ministry said in a report that exports grew in 70 countries and fell in 53.

Employment prospects increase in Greece

14 March 17 |
Greek employers are more optimistic over new hiring in the April-June period, Manpower Group said in a report released on Tuesday.

Wages in Greece are on free-fall

13 March 17 |
The wages index adjusted for the number of working days but not seasonally adjusted recorded a decrease of 2%.

"BUY" trigger for Greek real estate

09 March 17 |
The central bank said that apartment prices fell 2.2 pct on average in 2016, for an accumulated decline of 41.3 pct in the 2008-2016 period.

Online food shopping on upward momentum

01 March 17 |
IELKA said that in 2016 the percentage of consumers that made online purchases from supermarkets grew to 20%.

Increasing production costs a burden for Greek agriculture

22 February 17 |
SEAM’ president Mr Balouktsis sounded an alarm for the future of the primary sector in Greece.

Greece at the bottom of OECD high-income countries

20 February 17 |
Complex and lengthy procedures in the transfer of property and the implementation of contracts through courts are largely responsible for this poor performance.

Pessimism rules amongst the Greeks

16 February 17 |
94% of respondents in the survey said their pensions, in the next 20 or 30 years, will not correspond to their social insurance contributions.

CFOs are ahead of a significant change in markets

13 February 17 |
57% of participants in EY’s survey say that aspiring financial managers will need to develop more skills if they want to be promoted in the next five years.
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