19 November 2017
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Greeks are choosing Turkey

17 November 17 |
According to the study’s findings, the most popular destination for Greeks was Istanbul, Edirne, Ayvalik, Izmir, Efes, Bergama, Marmaris and Bursa.

The Greek economic adjustment programs have all failed

16 November 17 |
The programmes only helped Greece recover to a limited extent, the European Court of Auditors released said, and had not succeeded in restoring the country’s ability to finance its needs on the markets, as of mid-2017.

Greek SMEs are accelerating their growth

14 November 17 |
According to the Piraeus Bank’s economic analysis and investment strategy department, the average credit rate of Greek SMEs was "a" in 2017, improved from "b" in 2016.

IMF: Greek economy to grow by 1.8% in 2017

13 November 17 |
In its report on European economy, the IMF said it expected a 10.8 pct increase in net investments this year.
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