16 December 2017
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The gold aerogel that floats in your cappuccino

26 November 15 |
Researchers are still considering how to use the material…

Superglue that is 90% water made

10 November 15 |
MIT engineers developed a method to make synthetic, sticky hydrogel.

Boing has revealed the world's lightest material ever

14 October 15 | Styliani Rouchota
The Microlattice, is a 3D open-cellular polymer structure made up of interconnected hollow tubes, each with a wall 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Light bulbs' technology just moved a "huge step" forward

16 June 15 |
Researches from the US and South Korea have created what is essentially the world’s thinnest light bulb.

Paper made screen!

30 April 15 |
Using this technology one could make disposable displays for packaging or newspapers, using cheap and environmentally friendly materials.

Particle boards made from mushrooms

14 April 15 |
Ecovative Design in upstate New York has figured out how to replace the human carcinogen substance, urea formaldehyde.

A brand new self-cleaning paint

06 March 15 |
Researchers from UCL, Imperial and Dalian Uni(China), developed a way to give materials self-cleaning properties.

Researchers create first man-made 'living materials'

24 March 14 |
Inspired by natural materials like bone, engineers from MIT were able to coax bacterial cells to produce biofilms, which can incorporate nonliving materials, such as gold nanoparticles and quantum dots.

Home building cost up 3.1pct in Oct.

22 November 10 |
The new home building materials' price index rose 3.1 pct in October this year, compared with the same

Construction material costs rise 3.4pct in June

21 July 10 |
The Material Costs Index in Construction of New Residential Buildings recorded a rise of 3.4% in June 2010
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