19 January 2018
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€2,57B available to Greek municipalities in 2015

20 March 15 |
According to Alternate Finance Minister Dimitris Mardas, during 2014 returns and subsidies to municipalities totaled 2,74 billion euros.

Humanitarian Bill is not negotiated with EU partners

18 March 15 |
Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism Minister George Stathakis clarified, inter alias, that the measures to fight humanitarian crisis in Greece are above all.

Debt relief for SMEs - business NPLs in legislators' scope

17 March 15 |
Among measures to support SMEs government designs a developmental bank or investment fund via the merger of existing state structures, Minister Stathakis said.

Save the date for an up to 100pct write-off

13 March 15 |
An amendment was tabled to relieve taxpayers willing to settle overdue taxes. Better use of publically held capital also included.

Humanitarian crisis Bill was approved in Greek parliament

11 March 15 |
Five out of seven parliament parties voted in favor of the humanitarian bill, Potami reserved the right to vote on a later stage.

Min.Stratoulis builds on Min.Fotiou's humanitarian declaration

10 March 15 |
Alternate Social Insurance Minister said that OGA's €360 pension will be tabled for parliamentary discussion before Easter.

Ms Fotiou declares a wide range of rent bonuses

09 March 15 |
Alternate Minister for Social Solidary, Theano Fotiou announced a humanitarian aid draft bill. 30.000households affected. Rent bonuses between €70-220€

Abolition of the obligation for publication in the Greek Government Gazette

09 April 14 |
A new law was published in the Greek Government Gazette wich contains important provisions intending to reduce the administrative and operations costs for enterprises, as well as the State.

Gov't adopts e-auctions on public procurements

26 January 11 |
The Greek government is promoting electronic auctions for its public procurement

Mytilineos Group to participate in Global X Aluminum ETF

10 January 11 |
Mytilineos Group was selected to participate in a Global X Aluminum ETF, an exchange traded fund
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