18 January 2018
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Labor ministry declares no further pension cuts

07 January 16 |
"We want a system of fair and single rules," the minister said.

New development law expected to simplify investment proceeds

05 January 16 |
Minister Stathakis said the process was expected to be completed by the end of January.

Deadline extensions will be granted to specific investment projects

04 January 16 |
Draft legislation is expected within the next few days offering an extension to all investment plans comprised in the development laws 3299/2004 and 3908/2011.

Pension cuts ahead; cuts will be scattered from 15% to 20%

28 December 15 |
State Minister for Coordinating Government Operations Alekos Flambouraris commented on social security draft bill.

Greek state has just started giving up the so called "public health"

22 December 15 |
Ministerial decision that reduces the state’s contribution to the cost of diagnostic tests carried out at private clinics.

Greece adopts EU directive on cultural goods recovery

17 December 15 |
The directive refers to the return of cultural goods that have been illegally removed from the territory of an EU member-state.

Government submits draft bill on GMOs cultivation

10 December 15 |
The bill will be open for consultation until Dec. 17.

Government prepares a draft bill to seize black money

08 December 15 |
Alternate Finance Minister Tryfon Alexiadis said that wider changes will be made in income declaration in February.

With 153 votes in favor, the 2016 Greek budget was passed

07 December 15 |
All opposition parties (New Democracy, Golden Dawn, PASOK, Communist Party KKE, Potami and Centrists Unions) voted against (145).

New tax scales on rent income "are on their way" to a parliament vote

23 November 15 |
A 2nd list of prior actions for the disbursement of the remaining €1B is currently under negotiations between Greek authorities and the institutions.
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