18 November 2017
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State Council ruling divides Double Regeneration project

15 May 09 |
The majority of the State Council (15 to 10 votes), on the Double Regeneration case, has ruled that the Panathinaikos FC stadium can be developed, but not the new City Hall and the BVIC shopping center.

Citizens appeal to State Council about Tram line expansion to Piraeus

15 May 09 |
Forty four citizens, including former deputy mayor of Piraeus, Mr. Bougos appealed to the State Council

State Council to allow the Double Regeneration project

14 May 09 |
The State Council's decision on the Double Regeneration project in Votanikos and Alexandras Avenue is expected

Public Works Ministry deems new Attica road works essential

08 May 09 |
The new road works in the Attica area are essential and necessary, according to the statement issued by

New social security due fees amendment

24 April 09 |
For the fifth time since 2005, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security has proceeded with an amendment regulating the

New institutional framework on logistics centers

24 March 09 |
After the joint decision by the ministry of Transportation and the ministry of Public Works
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