16 January 2018
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Repossession ban on debts less than €200,000 extended

05 January 11 |
The Greek government has extended a suspension on credit institutions auctioning

Revised plan for Elaionas stadium unveiled

22 November 10 |
The environment ministry on Monday unveiled a revised plan for the Panathinaikos stadium

Sifounakis says tender for improving Thessaloniki sea front in two months

10 November 10 |
Deputy Environment Minister Nikos Sifounakis on Wednesday announced that studies on improving

Bill on fast track procedure

03 November 10 |
The bill on the speeding up of strategic investments (the so-called fast track procedure)

New legislation paves the road for logistics centers

19 October 10 |
Logistics center development in Greece is officially a reality, after the announcement made by the Minister of Infrastructure, Transportation and

Supreme Court ruling limits profiteering

17 May 10 |
The Supreme Court recently ruled that a property sale for a price that can be deemed profiteering is considered invalid

New bill to push commercial leases down further

10 May 10 | Yiannis D. Papadomarkakis
Commercial rental renegotiations in the Greek market will now take place following the letter of the law, creating a freefall of property values, as well as

Gov't presents new development policy

27 April 10 |
Greek Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping Minister Luca Katseli on Monday unveiled the

HPREC - ETA merger announced

27 April 10 |
The Hellenic Public Real Estate Corporation (HPREC) and the Hellenic Tourism Development Corporation (ETA) will be merged, according to the

Greek statistics

12 February 10 |
A draft bill that refounds Greece's statistics service as an independent authority was tabled in
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