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Attica Gas inks deal with Intrasoft

17 July 17 | RE+D magazine
In an announcement, Attica Gas said this new partnership aimed to improve consumer experience through the development of the necessary infrastructure.

Greek hotel industry attracts boosted investment interest

17 July 17 | RE+D magazine
The Hotel Chamber of Greece said that the number of hotels in Attica fell 3% to 649 units in 2016 from 669 in 2005, while the number of rooms fell 4.3%.

Greek annual inflation rate to 0,9% in June

17 July 17 | RE+D magazine
In comparison with May 2017, the inflation rate fell in 18 member-states, it remained unchanged in three and rose in six.

Disney to build a Westworld for... Star Wars fans

17 July 17 | RE+D magazine
Disney offered several new details about its themed expansion land Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

MIG declares premature repayment of €375M bond issue

17 July 17 | RE+D magazine
Under the terms of the convertible bond, MIG will pay to bondholders both the capital and the interest.

Ivanhoe Cambridge acquires Evergreen

17 July 17 | Ειρήνη Θεοφανίδου
Evergreen's facilities offer strategic infill locations to distribution, e-commerce, and light manufacturing customers with a focus on "last mile" distribution.

Greek state introduces tax break incentives to innovative firms

14 July 17 | RE+D magazine
A joint ministerial decision was recently published in the government's gazzette offering another significant institutional tool for the support of innovative enterprises through tax breaks.

NBG inks deal with 3 research institutions in Greece

14 July 17 | RE+D magazine
This year is expected to be a year of mild recovery, but positive omens and encouraging developments will not be enough, National Bank's CEO said.

Vacancy rate in suburban US markets up 14.3%

14 July 17 | RE+D magazine
The steady performance was attributable to a balance of supply and demand, according to the latest analysis from CBRE.

Greek merchant shipping fleet up in May

14 July 17 | RE+D magazine
The statistics service said that the capacity of the Greek merchant shipping fleet also grew 0.2% in May.
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