13 December 2017
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Maduro summons cryptocurrency to tackle inflation

04 December 17 | RE+D magazine
The “petrocurrency,” will be backed by reserves in oil, gas, gold and diamonds.

EquiFund deploys €260M investment in Greece

04 December 17 | RE+D magazine
EquiFund will use €200 million in capital from European and national funds and another €60 million from the European Investment Fund.

Greek consumers increase in numbers, spend less though

04 December 17 | RE+D magazine
Most participants spent up to €50 (42.5%) on Black Friday, with only 6.3% saying they splashed out more than €501.

Greek exports already exceeds estimates

04 December 17 | RE+D magazine
OECD said exports of goods and services increased by 7.4% in the first half of 2017.

Loan-deposit interest rate spread jumps 4,5%

04 December 17 | RE+D magazine
The central bank said that the overall weighted average interest rate on all new deposits remained almost unchanged.

Greek economy grew by 1.3% in third quarter of 2017

04 December 17 | RE+D magazine
Based on non seasonally-adjusted data, Greece's GDP grew 1.3 pct in the third quarter compared with the same period in 2016.

Huge infrastructure investment to interconnect 21 islands

04 December 17 | RE+D magazine
A project is to link Cyclades island group with the mainland grid is currently in the initial phases.

French DFI in Greece up in 2016

04 December 17 | RE+D magazine
French companies' priorities in Greece focus on energy, tourism, basic infrastructure, utilities, transport, health and real estate.

New tenders for hydrocarbons explorations in maritime areas

04 December 17 | RE+D magazine
All applications will be considered in accordance with the provisions of Law 2289/1995, as in force, and Greek law.

Patrizia Immobilien sells 1.728homes in Netherlands

01 December 17 | RE+D magazine
It is the first time that an investor and a housing association have joined forces to acquire a portfolio of this size.
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