19 November 2017
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The IMF Needs to Stop Torturing Greece

19 September 17 | Kyle Bass
The fund should write down the country's debt, not demand another bank recapitalization.

Greek industrial turnover up 8,6% in July

19 September 17 | RE+D magazine
The domestic market index rose 8.3% and the external market index rose 9.1% in July.

Used car sales are soaring in Greece

19 September 17 | RE+D magazine
Car market officials said the domestic market is recovering strongly and expect sales of new cars to reach 100-110,000 annually in the next two years.

SIDMA says 1H20117 turnover increases 12%

19 September 17 | RE+D magazine
SIDMA Bulgaria reported a 39% increase in turnover and SIDMA Romania a 6% rise in the first half.

Folli Follie expands operations in South Africa

19 September 17 | RE+D magazine
The new concept stores are opening a few months after Folli Follie's official entry in the South African market in November 2016.

German left party executive in favor of a Greek debt relief

18 September 17 | RE+D magazine
We are in favour of a European conference on debt as well as a debt relief for Greece, German left party Die Linke's Dietmar Bartsch said.

Greek banks decrease ELA borrowing

18 September 17 | RE+D magazine
The central bank said Greek banks’ dependence from the ELA mechanism fell to 30.8 billion euros in August.

Eurobank in talks with Banca Transilvania

18 September 17 | RE+D magazine
The Greek financial inctitution is considering selling its Romanian based subsidiary Bancpost S.A.

Visitors and revenues in Greek museums both jump in May

18 September 17 | RE+D magazine
Visitors to archaeological sites posted a 26.6 percent rise and revenues increased by 19.3% in May 2017.

Greek state budget surplus slightly missed target

18 September 17 | RE+D magazine
Greek state budget showed a primary surplus of €3.550B in the January-August period, from a budget target for a surplus of €3.573B.
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