21 February 2018
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40 firms to be invited in PPC's market test

06 December 17 | RE+D magazine
The aim of the market test is to be completed by the end of January and an international tender to be launched by the end of May by PPC.

We are optimistic for developments in Greece

06 December 17 | Declan Costello
There is a positive course that allows us to hope for a successful completion of the programme.

EU adopts 17 countries' "blacklist" on taxation matters

06 December 17 | RE+D magazine
The final list was the subject of extensive negotiations between member-states until the last moment.

Greek government arrears to private sector at €3,46B

06 December 17 | RE+D magazine
In a report, the Finance ministry said pending tax returns eased to 832 million euros in October.

Greek 10year bond yield fell below the 5%

06 December 17 | RE+D magazine
The new 10-year benchmark bond replaced the previous one after the successful completion of a bond swap programme.

Banca Carige sells consumer credit unit to Chenavari

06 December 17 | RE+D magazine
Banco Carige is aiming to agree a deal by 6 December as it looks to comply with ECB demands that it increase its capital and cut bad loans.

Rammed-earth house wins award of the year

06 December 17 | RE+D magazine
The construction techniques developed through the prototype aim to help the residents rebuild their homes.

Cruise traffic in Souda stable in 2017

05 December 17 | RE+D magazine
The figures indicate that Chania has become a significant cruise destination in the last decade.

Tourism Minister meets Greek Hoteliers

05 December 17 | RE+D magazine
The representatives of the federation briefed the minister on all issues concerning the hotel sector, which were discussed in detail.

ESM announces debt relief measures for Greece

05 December 17 | RE+D magazine
The package is intended to reduce the interest rate risk on Greece’s outstanding loans with the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) and ESM.
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